Cream charger n20 recipe - Valentine's Hot Chocolate Bombs



1 Bag White Chocolate Chips

2 Hot Chocolate Bomb Candy Molds

1 Bag Guittard's Milk Chocolate Chips 

1 Cup Guittard's Hot Chocolate Mixture or Cacao Powder

2 Cups Mini Marshmallows

2 Cups Valentine's Day M&M's 

¼-cup Valentine's Day Sprinkles 




Step 1: Using a candy melter or a microwave, melt the milk chocolate, and the white chocolate, seperately in two different bowls.

Step 2: Spoon in the melted chocolate into one set of the hot chocolate bombs molds. Spoon the chocolate up the sides of each mold and make sure to add enough so that each half is nice and thick. 

Step 3: Repeat the same step with the white chocolate and place the chocolate molds on a cookie sheet and place them in the freezer for 15-minutes. You want to make sure the chocolate if frozen solid. 

Step 4: Warm-up a microwave-safe plate in the microwave for 20-seconds. And once the chocolate shells are ready, carefully pop each one out of the molds. 

Step 5: Later, grab one chocolate mold and melt the top rim of it on the warm plate. Fill the half mold with hot cocoa mixture, marshmallows, M&M, and the sprinkles. 

Step 6: Grab another chocolate mold and warm the rim on the plate and place the top of it on the prepared, filled chocolate mold and meld them together. 

Step 7: Repeat the above steps until all of the chocolate molds are prepped. Place the hot chocolate bombs back in the freezer for a few minutes to firm up again. 

Step 8: Now with the extra melted dark and white chocolate, drizzle the melted chocolate onto each bomb and place them back in the freezer for 15-minutes until frozen solid. 

Step 9: Grab two mugs of warm milk, remove hot chocolate bombs from the freezer and drop them into the hot milk and watch them melt and come to life. You can use our cream charger n20 to make your cake more delicious!

Written by Yiyang Zhang

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