Creamy Max continually strives to improve its operations and also minimize its impact on the environment.

The ultimate goal of recycling is to reduce waste generated by the manufacturing process and hauled to landfills. The listed below are what Creamy Max has done to make a greater contribution to environmental sustainability.


  • Develop a Waste Management Plan

The first and most crucial step to improving recycling efforts is to develop a proper waste management plan. All our Creamy Max whipped cream chargers including 8.4g, 580g and 3.3L are all environmentally friendly and recyclable! We too provide free Recycle Instruction with the products we sell so customers can have a clear guideline for the waste disposal. And all the packages are made of recycled materials and also outlines where materials will be taken, and dictates how they will be processed.


  • Educate Distributors

Waste improvement strategies are heavily dependent on the commitment of the distributors. One of the best ways to ensure that recycling processes are as effective as possible is to continuously educate distributors on the importance of recycling.

To do this:

  1. Ensure recycling awareness of all distributors
  2. Provide training for recycling issue
  3. Send friendly reminder emails when necessary
  4. Collect regular feedback from distributors concerning the implementation of green programs


    • Strictly abide by Circular Economy (Waste Reduction and Recycling) Act 2021

    The Act provides the foundation for Victoria’s transition to a sustainable and thriving circular economy, including enabling laws for the new container deposit scheme and new state-wide four-stream household waste and recycling system.


    Creamy Max offer consulting services covering regulatory issues such as Country of Origin labelling, recycling issue, product development and food marketing compliance.

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