Skywhip New Infusion Fruit Series, get your new exotic flavors cream chargers! 
Looking to add a touch of flavor to your Whipped Cream? Take your baking experience to the next level with Skywhip Pro New Infusion Fruit Series great flavors!  
Skywhip Pro infusion series comes with five unique and exotic flavors for your choices. Give your taste buds a whole new experience! 
It has five flavors - Passion Fruit Flavor, Pineapple Flavor, Coconut Flavor, Banana Flavor and Peach Flavor.
skywhip cream chargers

Each flavored charger rapidly infuses your chosen ingredients with fresh flavors, creating gastronomic delights ranging from such as cocktails, sauces, foams, and espumas to infused alcohols and mousses.

We produced our products with manufactured and certified 100% pure nitrous oxide N2O. Besides, we use the British artificial edible flavor in each nitrous oxide flavored cream charger, which makes you experience the pure fruity flavor taste bud on the whipped cream that you make with it!
Every unique flavor achieves a different effect that attributes to your culinary creations with different possibilities with a great dash of flavor, which can also improve your culinary experience to the next level!
Flavored Cream Chargers filled with 8.4g N2O gas, which are made of 100% recyclable steel cylinder. Moreover, we can guarantee no oily residue or industrial aftertaste.
What are you waiting for? Hurry to place your order and choose your favorite flavor!
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Written by Yiyang Zhang

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