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What is a Nitrous Oxide Pressure Regulator?

A nitrous oxide pressure regulator is a device which used to control the flow of nitrous oxide within a system. It regulates the pressure of nitrous oxide so that it can be safely and released into an engine or other environment. Nitrous oxide pressure regulators, designed explicitly for nitrous oxide systems, they can adjust pressures between 400 psi and 2000 psi. It also controls the release of nitrous oxide so that it can be safely and dispensed into an engine or other environment. Nitrous oxide pressure regulators are essential in any nitrous oxide system, as they help to ensure that the nitrous oxide is released in a controlled manner.

How to use the regulator?

- Connect your pressure regulator, cream whipping dispenser, and other parts. Separate the adapter from the pressure regulator hose to screw it with the cream whipper.
- Pour all your recipe ingredients into the cream whipper and close the lid properly.
- In the 3rd step, connect the pressure regulator hose to your cream dispenser by ensuring the flow switch is off. When you connected the regulator, there will be a clicking sound.
- After the previous step, when the system gets fully connected, open the flow switch at the nozzle’s end to move the lever towards ON. Now check the pressure on the barometer by turning on your barometer in a clockwise direction. 
- After hearing the sound of gas flowing into the whipping dispenser. 
- As soon as the gas-flowing sound stops, close the flow switch by turning off the direction, and make sure to keep it vertically with a pressure regulator head.
- Now disconnect the pressure regulator hose from the cream dispenser by compressing the connector and removing the cream whipper.
- Shake your whipper to constant gas distribution
- Attach the decorating tip of your choice to the whipping dispenser to get a fluffy and foamy texture. 




A cream whipper, we also call it a whipped cream dispenser. It’s a commom kitchen tool, which we used to make various types of desserts, creams, sauces, foams, and most notably whipped cream. 

The dispenser, which is sometimes known as a ‘Syphon’ or ‘Whipper’, is made from several components. 

First, there is the whipper body or 'chamber', which is made of aluminium or stainless steel. Then there is the top of the whipper, which consists of the valve and gasket. This part relies on gas bulbs to pressurise the whipper, which instantly dissolves the gas into a liquid. When the valve is opened, the liquid is forced out of the nozzle by the high pressure which transforms the liquid into a whip, mousse or foam. 

Basically, it’s a hand-held kitchen appliance that helps mix several ingredients together to get that soft, pillowy texture. 




The Creamy Max Bag, made from high quality neoprene which can holds your cream chargers cylinder without effort. Also, it's easily carry your cream chargers to any setting or event without worrying about how to transport it. Furthermore, this bag can bring your accessories inside the extra zip-locked bag!


Written by Yiyang Zhang

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