What's the new for April? It's CreamyMax 660g!

CreamyMax 660g is 14% more than a 580G tank, which is improving your working more efficiency.

Same bottle size as 580g but contains more gas in it, no worrying about how to carry it!

What are the features of the CreamyMax 660g:


CreamyMax whipped cream chargers are made with food-grade compliance, and productions European standards: UN1070 Grade 4 N20

Each cream charger has a long shelf life of 5 years so you can use them over a period of time. 


The cream charger has a treated closed structure that ensures gas will not leak in the shelf period of the cartridges and make you create more cream.


Each cream whipper is filled with the purest, highest quality. That is why you will not have a hard time making chocolate or vanilla, mint, or Bailey's flavored cream whipper. And you can make Cocktail foams, airy sauce, mousse, and hot or cold foam easily, too.


Compatible with all professional whipped cream makers including iSi, Whip it, Liss, and Kayser. From now on, you can easily finish the whipping cream making in a few seconds and without leaving odors or contaminants in the dispenser.

Also we provide free metro express for 660g orders and same day dispatch from Melbourne VIC. At the same time, Melbourne customers can enjoy free local pickup service and cheap delivery fee for same day local delivery!

Enjoy the New Brand of Arrival! Have a detailed look and order through this link:


Written by Yiyang Zhang

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