How to use a cream whipper:


  1. REMOVE protection cap from headset (whipper arrives with protection cap on).
  2. PISTON and VALVE must be tightly screwed in place
  3. TIGHTLY insert silicon gasket in headset

how to use whippet with a bottle


  1. FILL dispenser with 1 Pint/0.5L or less of heavy cream or other preparation.

- DO NOT OVERFILL (Remaining empty space is required for optimum aeration).

- DO NOT POUR in liquids at temperature higher than 104°F/40°C

  1. ADD sweetener and fully dissolve to avoid obstruction to the piston.

- Solid ingredients such as granulated sugar, coarse spices, fruits, and vegetables must be passed through a fine sieve before pouring into device

  1. SCREW headset onto bottle (tightly) and shake bottle to mix in sweetener


  1. INSERT one 8g/8.2g/8.4g N2O cartridge into charger holder and SCREW on until you all contents of charger release into bottle.
- DON'T USE more than one cartridge at a time
- DON'T LEAN your body over device when charging or POINT a pressurized whipper at yourself or others
  1. UNSCREW charger holder and discard empty cartridge (a small amount of gas WILL escape when unscrewing)

- DO NOT USE device with charger holder still attached. 

  1. SHAKE dispenser slowly but sternly from 8 to 20 times.  This ensures gas thoroughly incorporates with the cream to ‘whip’ it.

- The number of shakes directly affects the consistency of the preparation. The more shakes the stiffer the preparation will be when dispensed. 

cream chargers with whipper


  1. SCREW protector cap back on and a decorator tip onto dispenser valve.
  2. CHECK for desired consistency after 8 shakes. TURN device upside down (with decorator tip in vertical position) and press lever slightly. DO NOT press lever fully as it will cause the cream to ‘shoot’ out.
- If cream is still soft, continue with another one or two shakes and check for consistency again. Repeat until you get the desired consistency.
- DO NOT OVER-SHAKE, as it can make the cream too stiff and cause very little to be dispensed with the rest remaining in the canister.‪
- PERFECT on Coffee! 


  1. STORE in fridge for up to 14 days. DO NOT store a pressurized dispenser on its side.

creamymax cream chargers


    Written by Yiyang Zhang

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