The 1L cream whipper, a culinary tool used to whip cream, is an essential gadget in the kitchen. Its purpose is to transform liquid cream into a light and fluffy texture, perfect for topping desserts or adding a touch of elegance to beverages.


However, it’s not everyone can use a 1L cream whipper correctly. Then, I will explain how to use it in a standardized way according to the instructions for use.


1. Unscrew the top of the dispenser, insert the desired tip and tighten firmly. Make sure it attaches securely to the can. You need to  install the O-ring or gasket on the underside of the head.


2. Pour the prescribed amount of cream into the bottle. What's more, take care not to overfill.


3. Screw the wing nut and gas cylinder assemble onto the head until you have released the gas. The initial gas penetration into the bottle is indicated by a hissing sound. The one liter bottle is filled with two gas cylinders.

When the hissing stops, the bottle is full. By screwing the wing nut off, the rest of the gas will leak out.


When the gas filling is completed, shake bottle briskly approximately 3-5 times.


4.To release whipped cream on desserts, hold bottle vertically, turn it upside down with with the nozzle pointing down, and press lever to dispense. If the cream is not firm enough, shake the dispenser a few more times.


5. After using the whipper, remember to discard the used charger and use a small brush to clean any residue from the nozzle which ensures long term use of the whipper.


It seems like there are a lot of steps to use, but it’s actually very easy to operate! As long as you use the whipper properly, you can whip delicious cream! Come and try it quickly!


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Written by vivi Gu

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