Suppose you are planning to purchase Creamy Max N2O Cylinder or a few for a significant catering event. Creamy Max N20 Cylinders must be your best choices no matter in premium quality or best price!


Every Creamy Max 580G/3.3L cream charger comes with a free pressure release nozzle. So you must want to know how to use the nozzle. Actually, the nozzle is mainly used to twist on the cylinder on or off to control the gas in and out. When you finish a 580G or 3.3L N20 cylinder, then please kindly use the nozzle to give out the left gas to make sure the tank empty. And put it in a cardboard box marked as recyclable then to throw in a recyclable bin.

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So how to whip cream with a Creamy Max N20 Cylinder? In that case, you probably need a pressure regulator. A pressure regulator helps measure the amount of gas you pass onto the cream dispenser, quite handy if you expect to shorten the refilling process instead of changing bulbs by bulbs.

That is why we here -Instruction for Regulator. 


In this guide, we present you a step-by-step of how to use a pressure regulator with a Creamy Max N2O Cylinder. 

1. Remove the protective cap.

2. Twist the regulator to connect the N20 Cylinder

3. Install the hose to the N20 Cylinder.

4. Add heavy cream and syrup into your dispenser whipper. 


5. Connect the adaptor with the hose to the regulator.

6. Turn on the regulator for 5 seconds.  (Details pls see form below)

7. Good to go! It is time to serve! 

creamy Max


We often feel tempted to purchase cream bulbs instead of nitrous oxide cylinders because we think they are better for domestic use. 

This belief stops today. Thanks to a pressure regulator, Creamy Max nitrous oxide cylinders are as friendly for domestic use as the tedious cream bulbs.

Now that you know well how to use the regulator with cream dispenser whipper, what are you waiting for to put our instructions into practice? Order on our website and go ahead for your parties!




Written by Yiyang Zhang

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